The hardest thing in the world to understand is

the income tax.”–Albert Einstein


Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Albert Einstein

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Company Secretarial

Under the Companies Act,1965 every Limited Liability Company is required to appoint a Company Secretary as an officer of the company. 
​By acting as your Company Secretary we will ensure the role is fulfilled in accordance with the Companies Act, giving peace of mind and helping to avoid any penalties. We deal with all your statutory reporting and filing obligations, including annual returns, audited accounts, the allotment and transfer of shares, changes in directors, alteration of share capital and company formations..

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Malaysian Institute of Accountants

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Banking, Finance and Funding Solutions
In business, there are many reasons for raising additional funds: facilitate expansion, fixed assets acquisitions, debts restructuring or meet short-term working capital requirements. We work with banks, venture capitalists and other lending institutions. We have the knowledge and ability to be able to approach the right finance providers in the right way to give you the best chance of securing the funding you require. The service we provide is to identify what form of capital that is best suited to your requirements and guide you through the fundraising process. Services include feasibility studies, preparation of business paper, credit risk analysis, drafting of documentation, financial products evaluation, negotiation support, and tax advice. 

Accounting Services

​We specialise in providing accounts reconciliation service which is a process of verifying your financial records and transactions in order to detect discrepancies, if any and to reconcile the same. We provide you with reconciliation reports, management reports, and efficiency recommendations.   Timely and accurate reconciliations place you in better control of your business and identify problems before they turn into crises. These can substantially reduce business costs.   Also, we provide both manual and computerised accounting and book-keeping services to small and medium sized businesses. We can tailor our accounting and book-keeping services to your individual requirements.  We also provide a fully outsourced service or we can work with and compliment your in-house accounting staff.  If you have a short-term requirement for accounting and book-keeping services, or you have recently experienced an unexpected loss of accounts staff, or your business is not large enough to justify employing an accounts clerk or a book-keeper then we will be able to provide you with assistance.
ISO Consultancy & Training 
We also provide ISO consultancy and ISO training services to companies of various industries. We provide a complete consulting solution to achieve ISO certification besides assisting with the implementation, documentation development, system monitoring and review, business and quality improvements. Also, we can assist qualified companies to obtain government fund or grants under the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). 


 Chartered Accountants


How we can HELP...
Our approved tax agents by the Ministry of Finance are able to assist you with the following Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance services:
  • GST registration - completion of the required documentation to register (or de-register) your business, company, partnership or group.​
  • On-site compliance - we provide on-site compliance for a day per month, per quarter etc.
  • Completion of GST returns - completion of monthly or quarterly GST returns (based on information provided by you) and submission of those GST returns to Kastam DiRaja Malaysia.
  • Offer GST training.
  • Review accounting software and offer recommendations.​
  • Routine enquiries - assisting to routine enquires raised by Jabatan Kastam DiRaja Malaysia.​